maandag 9 januari 2017

How to use Green Screen with Final Cut Pro X - Chorma Key - FCP - Special effects in Final Cut Pro X

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Green screen is a great way of getting your students to be creative. All you need is a green background, whether that be a green sheet or a green piece of paper or wall painted green or a professional green screen studio, green screen can be a lot of fun to use and then edit. And it doesn't have to be green, replace the green with blue or another colour, but just make sure your aren't wearing the colour of the background, otherwise you WILL disappear!

These videos explain how you can use iMovie and Final Cut Pro X to edit your green screen footage. Have some fun with it. Create a presentation and then get into the presentation. Be creative!!

Videos in this series
Green Screen Demo -
Green Screen Set up -
Green Screen and iMovie -
Green Screen and Final Cut Pro X -